Why Keystone?

A Keystone is the centerpiece that ensures all the components work together.

Keystone Marketing Group provides a comprehensive range of marketing services to lawyers and law firms, medical clinics, dental clinics and alternative healthcare practices in Texas. Whether you need to develop your brand or to increase your company’s visibility to your target market, we can help.

At Keystone Marketing Group, we offer a superior level of service to professional law firms, and medical practices in highly regulated and demanding industries. We develop your strategy to provide the right amount of marketing to generate new clients, then monitor and track the results.

Doug Collins will work one-on-one with clients to help them hone in on their ideal clients. We then provide design, content and production services to craft your brand. We’ll develop an integrated marketing plan to raise visibility of your company, produce print materials for your office, and create a website to give you an online presence.

We work closely with clients to identify new marketing opportunities to expand their market share or to identify under-performing marketing channels in their current mix. We can revamp a failing website with improved search optimization or develop a new design, roll out a pay-per-click campaign, or create a radio or TV advertising campaign.

Every Marketing Plan Should be Based on a Return On Investment

At Keystone Marketing Group, we are laser focused on return on investment. Web visits and click-throughs aren’t as important as converting visitors and viewers into callers and customers. We work to get the right people to your door so you have an opportunity to acquire new clients or patients.

You have specific goals you need to reach for new clients or new patients. We will develop a marketing plan to reach those goals, as well as set a realistic budget that ensures a positive return on investment.

See what Keystone Marketing Group can do for you. Talk with Doug Collins at (214) 458-1900 or reach out to us online. We’ll arrange an in-person visit to tailor a marketing program that’s just right for you.