Websites & Online Media

Increase Your Online Visibility with a New or Updated Website

Are you starting a medical practice or law firm? As soon as you’ve made the decision hang your shingle, you can stake out your online real estate with a new website. Keystone Marketing Group delivers stellar websites that stand out from the crowd.

We’ll help you identify a good domain name for your site and we’ll secure it for you. We’ll arrange a personal interview for you with an experienced online copywriter who can develop custom content that captures your story, describes your services and demonstrates the unique qualities of your law firm or medical practice.

Content in hand, we’ll do onsite search engine optimization (SEO) and initiate complementary off-site search strategies, like local directory listings, to drive traffic to your website. Depending on your target customers and your goals for traffic, that may include a PPC campaign.

You’ll talk with a skilled graphic designer who can translate the look and feel of your business into an online presence that POPS with character and yet is easy to use for your visitors. If your business needs a logo, logotype or images, we offer those design services as well.

Behind the scenes, our developers pull all the pieces together into a seamless whole with a website that meets web best practices, loads quickly and displays properly on computers, tablets and cell phones.

Already Have a Website?

Are you unhappy with the look of an outdated website? Dissatisfied with the level of service you’ve been receiving from your web hosting company? Disgusted with your sales rep’s lack of concern for your website’s poor traffic? Keystone Marketing Group can revise or completely redevelop your existing website while providing a level of service that meets your expectations.

Let us analyze what may be going wrong with your current site – search optimization, conversion optimization, design and usability problems, content concerns, development or loading issues. We can then give you recommendations for improvement.

Additional Online Properties

Some clients will benefit from having more than one website:

  • Does your law firm provide legal services in a niche area that requires an extra boost to drive traffic? Do you work both sides of an issue – bankruptcy and collections, mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights, personal injury defense and plaintiff — and you’d like to speak to your different clients separately?
  • Do you operate a general medical practice but you’d like to provide extra web presence for a doctor at your clinic who offers a unique service that requires more explanation than your regular website can provide?

Some of our customers want a social media presence. They can use a blog to provide greater depth of information or to present themselves as an expert in their field. Keystone Marketing Group can create pages, profiles, listings and PPC partnership relationships with other online properties.

Visibility is Key to ROI for Your Marketing Dollars

Let Keystone Marketing Group pull all the pieces together into an effective Web presence that captures your practice and your clients. Call Keystone Marketing Group: 214-458-1900 or reach us online. We’ll arrange an in-person visit to tailor a marketing program that’s just right for you.