Medical Marketing

Customized Marketing Services for Medical Practices

For decades, medical practices secured new patients through geographic proximity or provider networks. While that remains true, a growing number of medical clinics find that they need – and want – to attract more and new types of patients. They are turning to marketing agencies to help them find new opportunities.

The partners in Keystone Marketing Group have worked in the marketing field for more than three decades. They’ve been part of the changing scene, taking clients from print and broadcast advertising to websites, pay-per-click and partnership campaigns.

Keystone Marketing Group provides comprehensive marketing services to attract prospective patients, turning website visitors into callers.

Products That Meet a Variety of Goals

Your website can serve many functions. The most obvious is to attract new patients to your clinic, but it can also have a positive impact on office workflow, patient communication and the transfer of secure information. We can help you create a new or updated website that allows for the transfer of medical data between patients and doctors while meeting the guidelines set forward in HIPPA.

You may have a doctor in your clinic who offers a unique service or who has heightened visibility in the community. It may make sense to bring extra attention – and extra traffic – to that part of your practice with a dedicated subsidiary website. We can help you consider the pros and cons of that choice.

Do You Know If Your Marketing Dollars Are Working for You?

We often hear from our medical clients that they tried various marketing strategies but “it didn’t work.” When we dig into the problem, we find that they did not have strategies in place to monitor and measure impact. This is an area where working with a marketing professional can be uniquely beneficial.

We know how to track and quantify results. We can help you set up systems within your office to ensure you can measure your success. Keystone Marketing Group focuses on delivering a positive return on investment so it’s critically important that we provide our customers with good, clear analytical evidence of impact.

We See Your Potential; We’ll Help You Reach It

We are the keystone to growing your medical practice. Call us at 214-458-1900 or reach us online. We’ll arrange an in-person visit to tailor a marketing program that’s just right for you.