Legal Marketing

Customized Marketing Services for Law Firms

Law firm marketing has come a long way in the past 20 years; from the personalized approach of word-of-mouth and a crisp white business card to the impersonal, automated approach of websites churned out by multinational corporations.

Has the automation of law firm marketing made the marketing experience easier or better for law firms? Or do you just feel like a number, lost in the shuffle?

At Keystone Marketing Group, our partners understand the legal market and its unique needs and rules. They worked for the largest legal web service provider in the world. They saw where a one-size-fits-all approach to website services, and a once-a-year (at most) check in on performance, failed to deliver results for many law firms

Comprehensive Marketing Services

At Keystone Marketing Group, you really can have it all: creativity, customized design and content, and a comprehensive array of media and marketing services, brought together by experienced people with a focus on your bottom line. We’re here when you need us, for any marketing project you want to pursue.

  • Brand Development: Your law practice isn’t like every other law practice, so why you settle with a circle for a logo, a template for a web design, and meaningless, repetitive content for your website? We offer creative design services and custom content development for websites and print materials that truly reflect your law firm.
  • Visibility in Multiple Marketing Channels: While a majority of business leads come from online sources, your business could experience significant growth from radio and television advertising (depending on your market), and niche growth from local and professional directories and even from blog advertising. What’s the right marketing mix for your company? We can help you find it.
  • Conversion Services: We don’t just get customers to your door and leave them there. For busy, small law firms, we can match you with services that provide a first-class customer experience for each and every prospect who arrives at your website or makes a phone call.

The big guys offer some services that really do work well and we may recommend that you participate in those services. But we’ll also recommend new strategies and new market opportunities.

We See Your Potential; We’ll Help You Reach It

Call Keystone Marketing Group: 214-458-1900 or reach us online. We’ll arrange an in-person visit to tailor a marketing program that’s just right for you.