Compelling Custom Content

Custom Content: Helping Law Firms and Medical Practices Find Their Voice

One of the most critical marketing services we provide is the creation of an online presence. The most important online real estate will be your company website. Additional online properties to drive relevant, quality traffic to your website or your telephone could include a blog, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, a Google plus profile, and online directory listings in local directories and professional directories.

We write marketing copy for two audiences, 1) the identified target client, and 2) search engines. Well-written content fulfills a variety of functions:

  • It builds your company’s visibility online
  • It enables critical search optimization to ensure you show up in Google, Bing and other places your targeted prospects are searching for the services you provide
  • It appeals to your target market
  • It discourages the wrong prospects from contacting you
  • It begins to build a relationship of trust
  • It promotes conversion from viewer and reader to caller and client
  • It provides vital information your customers need in a way that decreases the mundane, day-to-day phone calls your staff must handle

Consistency is Key to an Effective Brand Experience

At Keystone Marketing Group, we work with experienced copywriters with a proven record of success in search-optimized, custom content for websites and other online properties in the legal and medical markets. We translate the key messages on these platforms to your other products – print advertisements, billboards, and broadcast media – to ensure your messaging is cohesive and on target.

Together We’ll Bring Your Brand Alive

Your story needs to be told. When you’re looking for a marketing partner who has a way with words, call Keystone Marketing Group: 214-458-1900 or reach us online. We’ll arrange an in-person visit to tailor a marketing program that’s just right for you.