Brand Development

Your Brand Sells Your Legal or Medical Practice

Many people think of a brand as a logo, a color scheme or a tagline, but your brand is much more. When properly conceived and executed, your brand attracts customers, builds trust and sells your services even before the customer meets you.

At the point of first encounter, your prospective customer begins to have an experience of your law firm or medical clinic. What do you want that experience to be?

Building Your Law Firm or Medical Practice Brand

It’s common for the businesses we work with to be in the early stages of brand development. They may or may not have a logo and/or a tagline. If they do, they usually have not built upon it. They may be using elements of their brand inconsistently across different marketing platforms.

We can help you bring your brand to the next level of professionalism:

  • Are you a family-friendly dental clinic?
  • Are you a discrete, upscale plastic surgeon?
  • Are you a personal injury law firm that goes the extra mile for seriously injured and disabled clients?

The images on your medical or legal website and brochure, the color scheme of your ads and amenities in your office, the messaging in your pay-per-click campaign and your billboard advertisements should all work together to solidify that image.

Consistency is Key

The principal at Keystone Marketing Group, Doug Collins, has more than three decades of experience helping clients market their company and services. They will work with you to develop a consistent, coherent brand that feels true to your medical clinic or law firm, your employees and your customers. Depending upon your needs, brand services can include:

Together We’ll Bring Your Law Firm or Medical Practice Brand Alive

When you’re looking for a partner to pull all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together for your medical clinic or law firm, call the big-picture thinkers at Keystone Marketing Group: 214-458-1900 or reach us online. We’ll arrange an in-person visit to tailor a marketing program that’s just right for you.